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Outrageous Christmas Sweaters

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Sometimes you just need to wear the most outrageous Christmas sweater you can find. And we have just the right ones for you. There is the time for wearing a cute Christmas sweater, and there is also the time to wear a funny Christmas sweater, but then there are those times when you need the most outrageous Christmas sweater you can find.

This is when a Naked Santa Selfie sweater, or a Dog Humping a Snowman sweater will be your choice. We know many of you have probably taken a naked selfie before just like Santa, and that's okay!

We also know some of you have probably had a little too much egg nog and tried to hump a snowman, and I guess that is okay too? Well, maybe not...

But no matter what your motivation is for choosing one of our outrageous Christmas sweaters, everyone around you will love your fashion statement. Even your dog, who will enjoy wearing their own matching version.