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Christmas Cookies

One of the best things about Christmas is Christmas cookies. For some reason, cookies just seem to taste better at Christmas.

Gingerbread Cookies

A traditional favorite. Make gingerbread men cookies, or build an gingerbread house. It's up to you. But remember, your dog will know it is Time for Treats when he sees your gingerbread creation, so keep an eye on your cookies. Plus, lots of ingredients in cookies can be harmful to dogs, so make sure they are eating their own treats. 

Sugar Cookies

Along with being delicious, sugar cookies are fun to decorate too. Gather up some sprinkles, icing, and little candies, and create your own masterpiece. Grab your cookie cutters and make whatever shape you feel like. Start with the basics, like Christmas Trees and stars, then get a bit more creative. You can even create your very own ugly Christmas sweater cookies. If you are going to have matching ugly Christmas sweaters for you and your dog, you might as well have matching cookies too, right? 

Butter Cookies

Any cookie that has loads of butter and loads of sugar is going to be good. And to make them even better, grab some of that icing you used on your sugar cookies and try it on these.

So next time you are heading out to a Christmas party, remember to bake up some delicious Christmas cookies and bring them along with you. They also make the perfect Christmas gift.

Have a favorite Christmas cookie recipe? Email us and we might feature it on this page!


Christmas Cookies