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Christmas Shopping

Lots of people get their Christmas shopping done early, but if you are anything like us, you wait until December 24th.

The start of the Christmas shopping season in North America is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. From this weekend up until Christmas Eve, stores and Christmas markets will be packed with Christmas shoppers looking for the perfect Christmas gifts. And when they can't find the perfect Christmas gift, they grab whatever they can find and give up. 

Some of the top Christmas gift ideas  are (other than your Funky Tails Ugly Christmas Sweater):

Clothing. You can never go wrong with clothing. If you need some ideas, take a peek at their social media accounts. It will give you a good idea of their style.

Toys. All kids like to get toys for Christmas, but so do adults and dogs! The whole family can get excited to see their new toy under the Christmas tree.

Gift Cards. Can't decide on the perfect gift? Or is there nothing left in the store when you start shopping on Christmas Eve? A gift card is your best friend. Let them by their own gift and thank you later!

Now that all your Christmas shopping is finished, you can head home and enjoy that Christmas dinner you have been drooling about all day long.