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Ugly Christmas Sweater Events

There are many ugly Christmas sweater events you might find yourself attending each year, and we have the right Christmas sweater for each of them.

The most popular event for wearing ugly Christmas sweaters every year will be the ugly Christmas sweater party. These parties are full of people wearing the most unique and outrageous Christmas sweaters they can find. 

Christmas parades are another annual event you might find yourself attending. Especially in colder climates, pull out your funny Christmas sweater and head to enjoy the fun. You will be both warm and festive in any of our sweaters. Plus, we all know how much dogs love a good parade, so bring them along in their own matching sweater.

You might also find yourself shopping at one of the many Christmas Markets around the world. These places are great for picking up unique gifts to go along with your unique Funky Tails Christmas sweater.

Many communities now offer ugly Christmas sweater runs or walks. These are usually more about having fun rather than serious competition, so put on your best tacky Christmas sweater, bring your dog, and walk your butt off. Then, when it's all done, treat yourself to some egg nog while your dogs chews away at a new bone.

And when you are done with your Christmas sweater event, it is the perfect time to take a photo of you and your dog in your matching sweaters, because everyone likes to see pictures of cute dogs, no matter what time of year it is!