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Dog Christmas Sweaters

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Have you ever noticed when you attend a Christmas party, all the people there will be having a great time, partying it up in their Christmas sweaters, yet the family dog is almost always left out of all the fun? 


We sure did, and we decided to solve this problem facing dogs everywhere. All you had to do was take one look into their sad puppy dog eyes to know that dogs everywhere just wanted to fit in, and be part of the Christmas party like everyone else. 


After scouring through pet stores all over town, all you could find to put on your dog was a boring old dog sweater, or even worse, a Christmas costume. With so many Christmas sweaters for adults to choose from, why is it so hard to find one for your dog? If you thought your dog was embarrassed attending the party naked, just watch how they feel having to wear a silly costume that just doesn't fit right, while all the people at the party wear their funny Christmas sweaters.


Luckily for your four legged bestie, we have solved this problem. We have seven sizes of dog Christmas sweaters which fit most breeds of dogs. Designed with dogs in mind, our sweaters capture those moments dogs like best, such as a game of tug o' war.