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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

There are different types of ugly Christmas sweater parties that you might get invited to each year, and we have the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for each one!


First, there is the office ugly Christmas sweater party. Depending on where you work, this one is sometimes a little tricky. You want to have fun, after all you deserve it. You worked hard all year, and now its time to let off some steam and have a good time. But remember, the bosses are watching. You might be tempted to photocopy certain body parts when no one is looking, and have a few extra drinks to get the courage to stand flirt with your co workers, but the most important part, as always, is your ugly Christmas sweater. Shop our cute Christmas sweaters for our choices if you want to blend in at the party, or if you really want to stand out, pick one of our more outrageous sweaters to wear to the party. Just remember to have fun, and try to keep your pants on!


Next is the family ugly Christmas sweater party. Our sweaters are perfect for family Christmas parties, because this is where you will want to include your dog in all the fun. And this is what we do best with our dog Christmas sweaters! Dress up in one of our matching ugly Christmas sweaters for you and your dog, and everyone at the party will be jealous of your outfits. And what is a family gathering without jealous relatives?


Then there is the Night out with friends ugly sweater party. Many clubs and bars will host ugly Christmas sweater parties, and our sweaters are perfect for these occasions. Pick any one of our sweaters and you will be sure to have a good time. And if you really want people to stand up and take notice, try our naked Santa selfie sweater. Try wearing it with really short shorts, and pretend you are naked too ;)


Last is the ugly Christmas sweater house party. The oldest and still the most fun, in fact, the whole ugly sweater thing stated with a house party in Vancouver, BC. This is where anything goes. Kick back, relax and have fun wearing your best ugly Christmas sweater. Whether you want to dance the night away, or hang our under the mistletoe and wait for the party to really get going, it's all up to you. Just remember to wear your best ugly Christmas sweater.


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